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Mobile Suit Gundam

Better detail on the sheild

A proud father.

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You guys ready for that Warcraft movie?

The amiibos are ridiculously cool. Was rushed to take these shots, more tomorrow.

1000toys Biomega Synthetic Human display at SDCC 2014

Preview night was fun. I’m exhausted and a little irked about not being notified there was a large entry line until waiting 3 hours outside the main gates. But all in all it was good. Didn’t get the exclusive I wanted today, but Ciarlene got some cool stuff and we both got nice sets of dice.

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gay marriage is only legal in 18 countries but being gay is a crime in 83 countries like i’d literally be breaking the law just by LIVING in 83 countries in the world but yeah go on tell me again how “homophobia isn’t even a big deal anymore” thanks

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