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Boxtrolls was fantastic and beautiful. Go see it asap.



BREAKING: Here’s the tweet that could lead to a new grand jury in Ferguson, MO. 

#Ferguson@shaunking took screenshot of tweeter @thesusannichols who claims to know juror on #MikeBrown #DarrenWilson grand jury & appears to be receiving leaked information. King says that within seconds of posting this, her friends told her to delete it & she did but not before it was screenshotted. She has since deleted her entire account but King says they checked & she is indeed a #STL resident w/ years’ worth of tweets from there. “If true, her tweet not only reveals a leak in the grand jury, but gives us an ugly glimpse into how things have gone so far. This person who posted it on twitter & her contact on the grand jury must be fully & completely investigated & removed if it’s true.”-@shaunking

Y’all better reblog the fuck outta this post it on facebook, twitter, IG, myspace, friendster, everything get this information out

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The Gundam Fenice comes on the same HG Wing Gundam runners in different colors, so there’s all these extra parts that are obviously for the Wing’s shield and different pauldrons and stuff.

Probably useable.





Burn Kotaku to the fucking ground.

lol this very serious struggle for independence is like video games right guys? so what are boobs like

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Anonymous asked:
sansa stark is actually awful


There is plenty of help on the internet for that.  With diagrams.

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it’s almost time

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NIDDHOG Custom Sinanju Build by Toymaker

The purple MS, fastest of the three, is said to be the leader of the pack. Often deployed in close combat, Niddhog rarely utilised its beam sabre, opting instead, for its primary weapon, a devastating beam lance that could pierce through the thickest armoured hull of any Federation starship. Niddhog was supposedly responsible for the destruction of a majority of the Fed ships. It’s stylistic design is said to be fashioned after medieval warriors of ancient Earth called knights. Because of this, it was also known as ‘The Purple Knight’ to enemy forces.

Model No: MSN-06 N Sinanju
Unit Type: Newtype use mobile suit (Close combat type)
Overall height: 22.6 meters
Base weight: 25.2 metric tons
Power generator output: 4000k
Sensor radius: 22000 meters
Maximum Thrust: 130000 kg
Armor: Gundarium alloy
Armament: Beam lance x 1, beam saber x 2, Shield x 1

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deadbaconpool, Nice! My Fenice just came in and I have a Jesta on the way as well!

Oh my god okay so that’s 7 JUST BETWEEN YOU AND ME HOLY SH I T

The army grows stronger!